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Why Australian Scent


We realize you have many choices when it comes to natural skin care. The skin care industry, however, has abused so many of the critical issues that are affecting our ability to choose wisely.

The FDA does not legislate the word natural and so a skin care company can make all the misleading claims it wants to with no consequence.  Surprisingly, most certified organic companies dilute formulas with water and are still using cancer causing chemicals to preserve and retain the texture and consistency of the formula, thus rendering it inferior. They also continue to package in plastic which can leech poisonous chemicals into the product and consequently our bloodstream.

According to the FDA, if an ingredient consists of less than 2% in a formula, it does not need to be disclosed on the ingredient list. Staggering!  So how many of these toxic additives are we really applying? We here at Australian Scent list EVERYTHING.  We are very proud of our ingredients.

Thankfully, due to the influx of accessible and current information, consumers are exploring beyond glorified advertising claims and making decisions based on  their own discernment and expertise. This makes us very excited!!

australianScent products:

are 100% natural . are completely pure . are hypoallergenic .  are loaded with life giving nutrients, antioxidants and natural actives .  are chemical free . are paraben free . are synthetic free . are cruelty free . use cold processed methods of manufacture to retain the active ingredients and nutritional properties . support local farms and incorporate local ingredients where possible . support low income communities and companies by incorporating fair trade ingredients . incorporate ingredients that are USDA and Ecocert certified . are not diluted with water, so 1/3 of the usual amount is required, enabling products to last considerably longer and offer rapid results . are not whipped to volumize making the ingredients far more concentrated and effective . use biodegradable ingredients, meaning no toxins are washed into our water systems . are packed in eco-friendly packaging, utilizing glass, paperboard and tin . use post-consumer recycled glass and packaging . not double boxed with excessive packaging . are gift boxed in eco friendly papers, paperboard and materials . are often shipped in once used boxes and packaging peanuts . are promoted with media material that’s made from recycled paper and soy based inks.

no parabens . no chemicals . no worries

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