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Australian Scent is a husband and wife team (plus some adopted siblings), founded in Sydney, Australia by a true blue Aussie and her American husband. Australian Scent is now based in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.  Specializing in 100% organically crafted, small batch, cold processed formulas that maximize the nutritional and healing properties of the raw materials utilized. 

In 2004, whilst living in Australia, Megan’s husband, Eddie, was diagnosed with Psoriasis (and later Eczema), which severely affected his eyes and neck areas. After realizing the prescribed treatment may cause blindness, they pursued natural alternatives. They dabbled in every commercial and extraordinary concoction available, all with disappointing results.
Everything they encountered was whipped and diluted with water, alcohol and chemicals, all haling a natural purity.  Needless to say, these products proved ineffective.  

As a final plea, Eddie was hopeful that perhaps Megan could make a treatment to rid the condition, which included symptoms such as relentless itching, to redness, flakiness and swelling.  On a desperate quest to heal his ever worsening condition, Megan formulated what is now known as the Balm of Gilead moisturizer, also the number one seller.  Within 2 weeks, this “incurable” condition had disappeared.  Their elation sparked a drive that enabled them  to create an entire line based on the same principles - products that are not diluted with water, not whipped to volumize, entirely free of chemicals and as a result, powerful and effective. What makes them different to the gazillion other natural products out there? They formulate with life giving oils instead of volume filling water. The response has been encouraging and overwhelming. They have a passion to heal and their desire is that this will be transferred into every product you use.

no parabens . no chemicals . no worries

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