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Who doesn't love the gift of exotic, hand crafted soap - good for the skin and oozing in freshness? Who doesn't love the person who invested the care that's required to purchase something so intimate as skin care? It's something we all want, but don't always feel we deserve. Spoil yourself, spoil someone else and speak volumes with something as exquisite and thoughtful as an Aussie Scent skin loving product. You'll be remembered.
  • Organic Tea Brewing System - NEW!!!

    Organic Tea Brewing System - NEW!!!

    Australian Scent favors an holistic approach to great skin. Our products are loaded with high
  • Moisturizing bath bombs - NEW!!!

    Moisturizing bath bombs - NEW!!!

    Whizz, fizz, whirl. Jump into the bath and enjoy an intoxicating, scented and luxurious experience, infused with essential
  • Moisture Mist Collection - NEW!!!

    Moisture Mist Collection - NEW!!!

    With our number one selling Balm of Gilead moisturizer and our invigorating Mineral Mist face and body spray
  • Olive Oil Soaps n' Rack

    Olive Oil Soaps n' Rack

    Rich in the healing properties of botanical and oceanic ingredients, incorporating organic, fair trade and raw
  • Soap Box Medley

    Soap Box Medley

    A delightful medley of 4 different moisturizing, boxed soaps, packaged and bowed in an elegant, silver gift box. All of our creamy soaps lather
  • Lip Kit - NEW!!!

    Lip Kit - NEW!!!

    Pucker up ladies! This cute little lips n' nails kit is deliciously yummy and sassy. Kit contains 1x tinted lip gloss and 1 x lips n' nails moisturizing
  • Cleansers Delight Gift Set

    Cleansers Delight Gift Set

    Prep and protect your skin from the chilli winters with this medley of cleansing, detox and skin
  • Intensive Wrinkle Luxury Pack

    Intensive Wrinkle Luxury Pack

    Pack includes: 1 x Intensive Wrinkle Therapy-eyes, 1 x Intensive Wrinkle Therapy-face 1 x ...
  • Walkabout - Travel/Trial Pack

    Walkabout - Travel/Trial Pack

    Trial size versions of our biggest sellers! Including the Balm of Gilead, Intensive Wrinkle therapy, cleaning stream, soap
  • Exfoliating Soap Pouch

    Exfoliating Soap Pouch

    Exfoliating, lathering pouch. Designed to buff dead skin cells and increase skins circulation removing ...
  • Mineral Salts bath soak - NEW!!!!

    Mineral Salts bath soak - NEW!!!!

    This soothing bath soak is designed to calm and relax the tensions of the mind, body and spirit. Rich in minerals,
  • Beeswax Candle - citrus mint

    Beeswax Candle - citrus mint

    Citrus MInt. Refreshing, cleansing, promotes positive thoughts. 100% natural and chemical free, using clean....

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  • Beeswax Candle - vanilla bean

    Beeswax Candle - vanilla bean

    Vanilla Bean. Calming, relaxing and mood enhancing. 100% natural and chemical free, using clean burning essential...
  • Beeswax Candle - mandarin clove

    Beeswax Candle - mandarin clove

    Mandarin Clove. Uplifting, soothing and comforting. 100% natural and chemical free, using clean burning essential...
  • Candlelight Boxed Trio Set

    Candlelight Boxed Trio Set

    Cant decide on your favorite scent. Then don't! Candlelight trio offers a charming gift set of our 3 delightful aromas.
  • 100% Beeswax Candle 1 lb

    100% Beeswax Candle 1 lb

    100% Organic beeswax pillar, packaged in an elegant black gift box with white ribbon overlay. These pillars emit an ...
  • 100% Beeswax Candle 2 lb

    100% Beeswax Candle 2 lb

    100% Organic beeswax pillar, packaged in a beautiful black & white stripped wine box, which can cleverly be regifted.
  • Cosmetic Clutch - Giraffe - NEW!!!!

    Cosmetic Clutch - Giraffe - NEW!!!!

    Flaunt the 'organic you' with this sassy jute, travel clutch that doubles as an elegant day purse. Not one for bag overload...