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Great Lakes Gelatin / Collagen Hydrolysate

net weight
1 lb - 454 gm

Product Description

Hydrolyzed collagen helps regulate the body's metabolism by providing pure protein of low molecular weight that is quickly absorbed in the digestive track. The rapid absorption and distinctive amino acid groups in this formula will positively impact a large number of metabolic pathways. The body's natural ability to repair supporting connective tissue (bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, hair, and nails) diminishes after the age of 25. Collagen provides the source in supplying additional amounts of amino acids like glycine, lysine, and proline, which are specifically needed by the body to build connective tissue structure and to regulate the functions of the cells. Hydrolyzed collagen is the same collagen found naturally in bones, skin, and cartilage. it is a bioactive product containing 90% protein easily assimilated by the human body. It promotes rapid Cell growth producing synovial fluids to first lubricate joints, then build tissue. Recommended dosage: Take one rounded tablespoon (10-12 g) in the morning, and the same amount before going to bed in the late evening which will help reduce appetite. This product has a low molecular weight so it will dissolve in cold, warm, or hot liquids. Collagen, the precursor of gelatin is used today in many pharmaceutical or biotech products to better improve mankind's health condition.

Suggested Use
Serving Size: 1 tbsp. (1/4 oz, 7g)


  • promotes rapid re-production of blood cells for healing and conditioning over other proteins especially for bone and joint health care.
  • low molecular weight protein is easily digested for healthy enrichment in minutes after ingestion.
  • will not congeal because it has been hydrolyzed for quick assimilation and improved hydration to the connective tissue
  • is important to nitrogen balance, now considered an anti-aging product as it supports age related cartilage damage, and collagen loss.

Other Ingredients

I love this stuff. I stir it into my morning coffee, my afternoon yogurt, and sometimes my evening tea. It mixes well, it's flavorless, and you can't tell it's in there. It digests easily, and aches and pains are fading. There are TONS of reasons why gelatin is a superfood. And this particular one is made from grass-fed, grass-finished beef, a serious plus in my book. - P. Wyatt

Recommended by my dermatologist. Easy to take & now my husband is using it as well. I also gave some to my daughter & she and I definitely see a difference in our facial textures. - Linda K

I've been using this product for about a month in an effort to improve my nails and skin. I haven't seen much improvement in my nails (they flake and peel easily still), but my skin is noticeably smoother and softer. Additionally, some laugh lines have lessened. I'll give it some more time for my nails, but I'm still quite happy with my skin improvement. - Mich K

This is a very good product. I use it for pain for Father-in-law and Husband. Husband had some issues with pain in finger joints and playing guitar one day after taking this for a few days, realized he didn't have that pain anymore. Father-in-law had knee pain and swears this stuff totally took away his pain after a few days also. He is walking and moving without that pain. - Ria

Can't say enough good about this. Love it!!! It definitely helps with joint pain, arthritis, knees, etc. We take it everyday (for over a year). Some days twice a day (when we remember). We noticed a difference within a month or so. - Dawn P


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