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Why are you called Australian Scent?
The line was started in Sydney, Australia and the formulator is an Aussie.
Also, it’s a pun on words, 'heaven sent"- we're 'australian scent'.

How did Australian Scent get started?
Edward, the co-founder, was diagnosed with psoriasis and also suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities.  After failed attempts to find a cure other than steroids, we decided to create our own treatment, later named Balm of Gilead. Results were quickly achieved and so we began to develop an entire line of skin, hair and home products for people with  similar conditions, or ones that simply don’t want chemicals on their body 

Are your products 100% natural  
Yes!  If it doesn't grow, we don't use it.

Do your products contain any parabens, alcohol or synthetic fragrances 

Never! Absolutely not!

I've tried so many skin care lines, all with mildly satisfactory results.  What sets you apart? 
We encourage you to take a look at some common brands and creams available.  Many, if not all will have water as the first ingredient. This is then followed by some form of alcohol and a bunch of names we've never heard of. (Usually toxic chemicals). Even most 'certified organic' fall under the same sub- standard regime.  This means that what they are offering is a product that is 60-80% water - one that is highly adulterated and diluted. How is this feeding or preserving your skin when water evaporates on the skin once applied?  Ever wondered why you feel the need to keep reapplying your moisturizers and lip balms throughout the day?  in addition, popular ingredients utilized, such as mineral oils, propylene glycol and xanthan gum are inferior, dehydrating, inexpensive fillers that offer little to no nutritive or restorative value to the skin. In contrast, our formulas are not diluted with water, are not whipped to volumize and do not contain any fillers. Consequently, immediate, dramatic results are often experienced. 

Do you test on animals?
No need. We don’t use chemicals so don’t have to concern ourselves with adverse reactions

Do your products contain anti-aging ingredients?

Our formulas consist of a base of non-comedogenic oils, utilizing ingredients such as evening primrose, organic borage, organic carrot seed, organic rosehip, almond, olive, fair trade shea and so on.  oils are loaded with significant concentrations of the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K, many of which are known for their ability to plump the skin and act as powerful, free radical scavengers, thus preventing the formation of lines and 'age spot' discoloration.  In addition, we add scientifically proven, anti-aging ingredients such as silk peptides, Co Q10, organic teas and organic extracts to our formulas, which assist in collagen building, refining the skins tone and softening fine lines.  To further preserve the skins integrity, we are not a water based line and so the concentration of anti-aging ingredients is far more substantial compared to a standard, water based skin care line that whips to volumize and adds chemicals, which actually damage the delicate structure of the skin. 

Are any of your products pore clogging?

We formulate with non comedogenic ingredients that allow the skin to breathe and function as it should. The oils we use are anti-bacterial and anti -fungal so actually help to keep the skin clean.

When I apply some of your products they are initially shiny on the skin when first applied. Will this make me break out? 
Our formulas are not diluted with water and so don’t evaporate as soon as you apply them to the skin. They apply with an initial shine but because they are 100% natural, are absorbed into the skin within a few minutes, leaving no greasy residue. Because they are so concentrated, we recommend applying 1/3 the amount you would normally use. A pea size amount is normally sufficient to moisturize the face and neck area. You can then apply make - up right on top - should you need

Most of your products contain oils.  I have oily skin.  Won't this make me even oilier? 

Great question and one that gets asked a lot!  Applying good oils to your skin such as almond, olive, shea, evening primrose, jojoba etc actually controls sebum production and balances the skin.  That’s why all of our creams and balms can be used on all skin types as the ingredients are regulating the skin.  So, oils actually reduce sebum (oil) production for oily skin and increase it for dry skin

I've heard your products cure eczema and psoriasis. Is that true?

As we are not a drug company, the FDA prevents us from using the word ‘cure’, but we can report that we have hundreds of testimonies from clients that have been so delighted with the effect our products have had in treating these conditions.  Afterall it is the very reason we started the company! Typically people with these conditions cannot metabolize fatty acids well and so their skin responds with redness, itchiness and dryness.  Our products are loaded with life giving fatty acids, omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s and deliver vitamins A, D, E and K deep into the skins tissues. The healing wonder of oils is usually sufficient to deliver a radical change in what’s believed to be “incurable” conditions. 

Sometimes your products are a little different in color than the same product I purchased last time. Why is this?

We use natural ingredients and natural beeswax. Natural oils and waxes can alter in color or texture based on environmental issues.  Sometimes the wheatgerm oil we utilise is a mustard/yellow and sometimes it's more milky. This could be from a particularly dry crop one year. Depending on what flowers the bees have pollinated that season sometimes our beeswax is a rich, mustard/orange color and sometimes a softer, yellowy hue. Regardless of the occassional color or texture alteration the product stll retains its nutritional and functional integrity. 

Can I use your products in every season?

Absolutely! We use our products all year round, every day of the week. Don't forget, oils have the innate ability to regulate skin so hydrating it more in Winter and balancing it more in Summer. Gone are the days of switching out products to suit the climate.

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