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  • Australian Scent Organic Skin Care Balm of Gilead - Face & Body Moisturizer
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Balm of Gilead - Face & Body Moisturizer

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from 1/2 oz - 8.5 oz

Product Description

A concentrated face & body moisturizer; formulated to hydrate and smooth the complexion, whilst balancing the skins' texture. With the high vitamin E content of wheat germ oil and the conditioning and scar healing properties of almond oil and shea, this delightful moisturizer is a nutrient reservoir for your skin. Balm of Gilead has produced beautiful results for oily, combination and dry skins. High in essential fatty acids, known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is particularly suitable for sufferers of acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacia.

After cleansing, apply a pea size amount to fingertips and smooth over face & neck.
Allow 3-4 minutes for product to soak into skin before applying make-up.

Also amazing as an aftershave


Lavender/Geranium - prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, beeswax, butyrospermum parkii (fair trade shea butter), vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil, triticum vilgare (wheat germ) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, silver hydrosol (natural preservative), pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract

Lemongrass/Orange - prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, beeswax, butyrospermum parkii (fair trade shea butter) vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil, triticum vilgare (wheat germ) oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (organic orange) peel oil, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), silver hydrosol (natural preservative), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract

Unscented - prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, beeswax, butyrospermum parkii (fair trade shea butter) vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil, triticum vilgare (wheat germ) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), silver hydrosol (natural preservative), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract



My partner's family uses your balm as a general moisturizer, as well as ubiquitously on my sensitive skinned nieces and nephews. My sister-in-law claims it clears up any and all rashes on her kids, in addition to their eczema. Thanks again. Tova S -Wyoming

My Mom suffers from psoriasis and cracked skin especially during the winter months. Your products help her get through the winter symptom free. Thank you so much for your amazing products! Audrey W -NY

I would just like to say that your products are amazing. I found out about you guys at the Grand Central Station in New York and a lady from your company was advertising how your moisturizing creme changed her face completely. I, myself have been suffering with psoriasis and severe acne for a long time. So I took a chance and bought the moisturizers, lavender scent and I love it. I started feeling a difference the first night I used it. My face looked fresh and renewed. I'm loving it." Kristina K

I used to have Eczema under my eyes and I no longer have after using the Balm of Gilead. It doesn’t feel greasy and I don’t get zits anymore.
Linsay G – NY

I got a sample of the Balm of Gilead from Chelsea Market (NYC) a little bit ago. I was a little skeptical. However, I have eczema and also suffer from contact dermatitis from time to time so I was interested. After using the product on my face for about a month I am sold.  My skin is looking so good I am thinking I might not need makeup soon. I use foundation/tinted moisturizer to even out my tone. So I just picked up a large jar of the balm and a trial/travel pack. I can't wait to try the other products, nothing has ever work so good before.
Andrea B - NY

Thank you and long live your miraculous cream. It's putting my life back to being happy and normal!

Beatriz. M - NY

I have suffered not only through dermatitis for about 13 years now, but also through the myriad of lotions and creams that have either been prescribed by my dermatologist or I’ve experimented with. Nothing has worked except the steroid based prescriptions which have had negative side effects. Then, I finally found the Balm of Gilead. Since I started using it, my dermatitis has flared less and less, has allowed me to get off the prescription creams and I now have happy, silky skin (this last according to my wife). Thank you just does not suffice.

David M - NY

LOVE your Balm of Gilead. It turned my eczema-ridden feet right around. I will love you forever.
Jamie W- Indonesia

I'm often mistaken for a lot younger than my age- I normally respond with, "it's because i have adult acne." funny but not so funny. I've struggled with acne and blemishes most of my adult life- and have tried well known commercial products, pricey monthly facials with little to moderate success. You guys has been my skin miracle! I started cautiously with 1 product the balm of gilead almost a year ago (I still have almost have a jar left!) you only need a tiny amount to moisturize your face. I then moved on the the face cleaner (to see all the dirt your face collects from the end of the day is crazy), then the face scrub and finally Saturday I purchased Clear Skin. I get those monthly breakouts- I applied it to the areas yesterday morning and last night- I woke up this morning with the bumps noticeably smaller and in some areas gone! I'm constantly tell people how wonderful your products are. My mom has been amazed at my skin appearance. The price is definitely comparable to other less effective products on the market. The fact that natural ingredients go into it appeals to my organic, vegetarian, non synthetic lifestyle. And the results are unbelievable. I've also purchased the lip balm (love the new tint) and the skin softening, yummy soaps. I can honestly say that I've been more than pleased with everything I've purchased and plan on being a life long customer.
Erica V - NY

The 15-yr old Keloids scaring on my leg has gone after using the Balm of Gilead. Nothing else worked. It's fantastic!
Debbie. S - TX

My 17 month old just recently has developed eczema. After countless creams and remedies with little improvement, I decided to try what little I had left of my australian scent lavender Balm of Gilead on her. After only two days of applying the balm I have seen significant results... Thank you! I placed an order this morning for two more balms and of course I treated myself to an eye cream. Thanks again for making such a great product, you are truly talented!!
Kathleen M - RI

Very sad to be coming to the end of my Balm of Gilead. Have been spruking the benefits and have got Mum on board. Lennox's skin ( son with eczema) is amazing, would you believe he hates a nappy change, hates a clothes change but will drop everything and walk over to me when the Balm of Gilead comes out. He stands there and enjoys every minute of the application. I feel so good with my Balm, especially under makeup! Anyways, thanks again I have never been happier with a cosmetic purchase.
Kylie B - Australia

I have psoriasis and I picked up a sample of the Balm of Gilead and applied it on my legs. I noticed a difference right away.
Christina - NY

The Balm of Gilead is a lifesaver. I have had eczema on my hands for the first time in my life for the last 6 months. At night, there are times I cannot sleep because of the intense itching. My hands look like a mess after a night of scratching and it takes weeks to completely heal. Nothing Ive ever used has worked so far. Some of the products and medications are so intense that I think they did more harm then good. Some of the products also smelled so heinous (no other word to describe them) that I did not even want to use them. Luckily, I was at The Brooklyn Flea last weekend and discovered the line of products made by Australian Scent. After learning more about the product, I tried the lavender Balm of Gilead. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smells amazing. I smelled amazing for the next few hours. (Then, my car smelled amazing because I smelled amazing). Back to the product....the Balm was very soothing when it went on. A little goes a LONG way. Seriously, I used a tiny bit and it really smoothed well all over my fingers and my hands. After a couple of minutes, my skin completely 'ate it up', leaving no residue for me to ruin my clothes or pocketbook. Still, I was skeptical as nothing had worked before. Previously, I used products and had reactions to what I used to treat my eczema. I used the product for the next day or two and saw a dramatic change. The bumps, scaling and scabs on my fingers were almost gone. The healing was absolutely dramatic. The itching was completely gone. My hands felt fantastic and most importantly, looked fantastic. I was no longer embarrassed showing my hands and fingers in public. Finally, I found one product that soothes and heals!
Caludia D - NY

Thank you for the advice. I've been a fan of Australian Scents ever since I discovered your product at the Rice University Farmer's Market in Houston. Even though years have past; and I now live in San Francisco, I have yet to find anything that comes close to giving me the kind of results I get from A.S. products. I just put in my order for the balm of Gilead and will follow with some more cleasing Stream after my current supply runs out.
Phillip L - CA

I was at the Brooklyn flea over the weekend and I tried the sampler of the product for eczema. I’ve had really bad eczema since I was a kid on my hand. I noticed right when I woke up the next morning that my hand looked amazing and no urges to itch since.
Rashidi B - GA

I wanted to let you know that I was introduced to your product by a friend and I couldn't be happier. I just ordered the Balm of Gilead after she gave me a sample while visiting me in Florida. I am so thrilled to have a product that keeps my face feeling moisturized all day. I have been looking for years for something that didn't make my face feel dry 10 minutes after application. Thank you for making such a wonderful, natural product at a price that is affordable. Thank you also for the samples you sent with my purchase, I am looking forward to trying them!
Cheryl A - FL

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased some of your products (the glass pot and the Balm of Gilead) this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea. Can you say love? I love them, especially the Balm.
Melissa M - NY



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  1. Best skin balm ever!! Miracle in a jar!!

    Posted by Rochelle Yuga on 10th Jul 2017

    I have been using Balm of Giiead for many years when I found the originator at a farmer's market in the Heights here in Houston! It is the most incredible product that I credit for my great looking skin at age 66! I get constant compliments ! I have used it and have recommended it to friends who have had surgeries and it amazingly helps the scars heal quickly and completely! It truly is a miracle in a jar!!

  2. Wonderful

    Posted by SusanD on 9th Mar 2017

    I have been using Balm of Gilead for myself and my Mom. We both have diabetes and this works great on hands, elbows, and heals of our feet (which tend to get very dry and crack).

  3. great product!

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2016

    I have been purchasing this product since I first found Australian Scents about 5 years ago. The lavender scent is soothing and the oils used are emollient. I use this product as a moisturizer for the face and body. I dont tend to break out using this product and my skin glows after it is applied. I love that this product does not contain harmful synthetic chemicals and that it's locally made in New York.

  4. Best moisturizer ever

    Posted by Ani Monteleone on 28th Nov 2016

    This is the greatest skin cream of all time.

  5. Amazing!

    Posted by Kathy on 28th Sep 2016

    This is a great product that smells amazing! The scent is so calming and stress-relieving. Also one jar of this product lasts for a long time. I just ordered the 8.5 oz because I ran out of the 3 oz jar I had. The 3oz jar lasted for 6 months and I used it every night!

  6. balm of gilead

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Aug 2016

    This is a great product for those who suffer from dry skin ailments. this product gives the skin a fantastic glow.A family member of mine who suffers from eczema for many years is getting great results from balm of gilead

  7. only product that can heal eczema

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2016

    This is the best product for eczema. I only use once a day and have not suffered from eczema since I began using about a year ago!

  8. love it

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2016

    I have been using Balm of Gilead for over 7 years... I don't know how to use store bought product anymore no matter how expensive or full of propaganda they are. I swear by it.
    I have no blemishes... It's taking care of my pregnancy pimples and skin issues as we speak.
    And it gives me a beautiful even tan when I go to the beach.
    I don't know how I lived without it before. And no I am not getting free product to express my feelings.

  9. The ONLY moisturizer I use

    Posted by Thankful Customer on 8th Jun 2016

    The best, natural product on the market. One of the few products that doesn't contain water which dries out the skin. Bravo!

  10. to please my sister.....

    Posted by Via on 22nd Mar 2016

    I decided to buy this product following my sister Yesenia suggestions; she tried the product, loved it and asked me to try it; i have an inmune condition and my skin tends to get very dry,..... So i bought it, start using it and here i'am letting you know how pleased I am!! It it natural, smells good and more importanr It feel great on my skin!

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